What Is BWRT and How Can It Help Me?

BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy. It is a modern form of therapy based on neuroscience and scientific research working with the natural processes of your brain.

Therapy focuses on rewiring your thoughts, feelings and emotional responses around the problems you have experienced in your life.


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More About BWRT Brain Working Recursive Therapy

BWRT is a modern therapy which works with your brain’s natural processes and learned responses. There’s no need to talk about the past unless you wish to, BWRT can be conducted “content free”. You only need to be aware of how you experience the problem and how you would prefer to feel.

In comparison to other therapies, BWRT is extremely quick, safe and effective form of therapy (usually between 2 to 4 sessions). It is practical and solution focused – working with how you want to think and feel, without the need to delve into the past.

BWRT can help with a wide spectrum of issues, whether these are significant once in a lifetime events, or everyday anxieties which have built up over time and now negatively impact your quality of life.

Your therapist only needs to know how you are feeling during the session and how you would prefer to feel instead.

BWRT works with any gender and across all age ranges.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy requires uniquely specialist training and only certified practitioners are allowed to deliver therapy. Both our therapists are certified BWRT Practitioners.

Practicing BWRT requires strict adherence to confidentiality and ethical codes of conduct.

BWRT is content-free, meaning you don’t have to talk about problematic and sensitive issues which may feel difficult or uncomfortable to disclose.

A Brief Explanation of How BWRT Works

BWRT is a technique for changing how your brain responds, by updating old unwanted programmes which cause problems in your life.

For example, if you have a phobia of bats, there will be a programme in your brain that whenever you see a bat, it activates a response of fear.

The new updated programme would be different, seeing the creature as just a bat, not dangerous or a threat and so there is no need to respond in a fearful or anxious way.

What Issues Can BWRT Help With?

The therapy works on a multitude of issues, but BWRT is known to be extremely effective for:

    • Phobias and fears: Spiders, rats, dogs, enclosed spaces, driving on motorways and many more
    • Habit breaking: Smoking, nail biting, vaping, skin picking, comfort eating
    • Limiting beliefs: Procrastination, not good enough (imposter syndrome), public speaking, authority figures, fear of success, rejection, or failure
    • Multiple forms of anxiety: Generalised anxiety, performance anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, health anxiety, exam anxiety, driving test anxiety
    • Mental trauma: For example, witnessing an accident, a difficult breakup, being assaulted or hospitalisation from a major illness such as COVID-19 or for surgery
    • PTSD: (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Experiencing flashbacks of negative events over a prolonged period
    • Grief and sadness: The loss of a family member, friend or pet. Also major life stage changes

What BWRT Does Best

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